Sheriff Callie’s Wild West – Toys and Merchandise

By | March 16, 2014

sheriff callieHowdy Partner!  There’s a new Sheriff in town, and the lovable kitty-cat Sheriff Callie is the bravest and most thoughtful leader that ever roamed the Wild West. Sheriff Callie’s Wild West is a preschool western series that features fun stories full of adventure that teach lessons in fairness, honesty, and how to be a good neighbor. When trouble rolls in to the town of Nice & Friendly corners, it’s up to Sheriff Callie to make sure it doesn’t stay long.

Disney has not released any official toys yet, and past history has them usually waiting until a show is established before they increase their product line. If your children are fans of this great new Disney show, here are some Sheriff Callie toys and merchandise ideas.  Click the images for more information.


Pink Felt Hat and Bandana

Children's Guitar

Children’s Guitar (Varying Colors)

Kids Boots

Kids Boots

Sheriff Callie Badge

Sheriff Callie Badge


Cowgirl Costume


Giddy-Up Stick Pony

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Sheriff Callie’s Wild West is a show my children really enjoy.  They always look forward to singing along with the characters.  They grab a toy guitar and cowboy hat and join the fun!  We can’t wait for official Disney merchandise for Sheriff Callie.  The characters are a great group comprised of various animals.  Sheriff Callie is a calico cat, and her friend Deputy Peck is a woodpecker.  Their sidekick is a cactus named Toby, and while the three of them are the focus of most episodes, there are many side characters that get their turn and all of them have a song to sing.

Sheriff Callie's Wild West

Sheriff Callie’s Wild West